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Application Portfolio Management for Health

CGI introduces an application portfolio management solution for our heal clients. In Unify360 Portfolio Manager, clients experience a structured and comprehensive approach to modernising, transforming, optimising and managing application assets.

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One of the big challenges defence has is that it is very difficult to predict the military demand on spectrum and ensure its capabilities have the agility and flexibility to operate in different parts of the spectrum. We have pulled all this knowledge together and created a next generation spectrum management architecture known as Aurora

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In an era where Defence budgets are constrained, there is a real opportunity to improve our current C4ISR capability by optimising current systems. By improving the way we manage the information already collected through better utilisation of current collection systems, we can significantly increase our C4ISR capability.

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CGI FindMyPatient

CGI is proud to introduce FindMyPatient; a mobile health app that enables secure and real time access to key clinical information on the move.

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CGI Payroll & HR Services: ePayFact2.0

Being paid the right amount at the right time is fundamental to the relationship between the employer and the employee and vital to the smooth running of a business. An overview of the managed payroll services CGI provides, our clients and why they choose us.

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CGI Space Overview

Space technology offers solutions to many of the most pressing problems our planet faces. It monitors the planet’s health, recording global warming,  costal erosion, deforestation, ice sheet shrinkage, El Nino. And it plays a vital part in weather forecasting.

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Creating Space downstream applications

Space assets can be a key part of new innovative solutions which solve business challenges in a different way. They could save money, improve reliability or open up new avenues of business.

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Cyber Security is part of everything we do

For more than 35 years, we have helped clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach - protecting what is most valuable to them.

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Defence Logistics

The Ministry of Defence’s ability to support military operations through effective logistics and support chain performance could be improved by the use of technology based solutions currently deployed by other national defence forces and widely used in industry.

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Electronic Warfare

Information management in the context of EW needs to be done differently – diverging from the traditional approach that cannot adequately meet current and, most importantly, future demands. At CGI, we focus on developing information services and processes that are common across communities whilst accommodating their individual needs.

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European Defence Capability

Our services range from training and personnel systems that help prepare for operations to information systems that help execute them. And business systems, outsourced services, shared services and cyber services that help manage defence.

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European Space Capability

The space industry is not constrained by national boundaries and neither are we. We are present in 40 countries around the globe and can bring our experts from these nine centres of excellence to you!

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FC BISA: Fire Control Battlefield Information System Application

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) wants to use information and technology to give its soldiers every advantage. CGI’s technology is delivering this critical capability for soldiers involved in Indirect Fire Support (IFS).

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Getting the most out of Space

Software is the key to unlocking the full potential of space – for the economy, society, defence, science and even for personal entertainment.

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Information Enabled Capability
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Military Space

The Defence industry has a major challenge on its hands. In a hostile environment like space, they need to use technologies that are proven to work. We can help the Defence industry benefit from the power of commercial solutions and use them in the military space arena.

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New Technology for Defence

There is a fundamental shift within the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) towards Information Enabled Capability. Big Data and Secure Mobility, enabled by Cloud and Cyber Security, provide many end-user benefits. This, when combined with emerging commercial trends such as the Internet of Things, will bring significant benefits to military personnel.

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Open e-Prescribing and Medicines Administration

For Trusts requiring an intuitive e-Prescribing and Medicines Administration system, CGI introduce a digital proposition which combines an NHS approved Open Source application with an agile Open Standards Data Model, to automate medicines management and enhance patient safety using advanced clinical decision support.

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Satellite Communications

CGI provide innovative, secure, cost-effective, mission-critical solutions for the satellite communication industry.

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Secure Services for Defence on G-Cloud

The G-Cloud framework is part of the UK Government ICT (Information & Communications Technology) Strategy. It is a procurement framework for identified services that can now be purchased through the G-Cloud website known as Cloudstore. Our Secure Services enables community Cloud offerings from within our secure delivery centre up to Impact Level 3 (IL3).

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Space Earth Observation

The EO (Earth Observation) world is complex. Satellite data is used by different people for many purposes. As well as helping us monitor our planet’s environment and weather systems.

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Space Satellite Navigation

CGI have delivered operational systems that incorporate satnav elements to clients in many sectors. For instance, taxi and bus fleet management, UK air traffic control (in conjunction with the UK’s first Microwave Landing System) and wide area digital networks for many applications.

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Space Security

Our space security team is one of the largest of its kind in the world with extensive experience from both commercial and military sectors and in all areas of the security lifecycle. 

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Spectrum Reform

We are a key supplier to the Defence Spectrum Reform Programme that is revolutionising the way in which public sector departments manage their spectrum holdings.

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The CGI Space Story

Today, CGI’s space business is based across nine different countries and with operations in 42 countries in total. We can provide the right people at the right place at the right time to deliver technology for space programmes efficiently and effectively.

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