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CGI Space Overview

Space technology offers solutions to many of the most pressing problems our planet faces. It monitors the planet’s health, recording global warming,  costal erosion, deforestation, ice sheet shrinkage, El Nino. And it plays a vital part in weather forecasting.

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Creating Space downstream applications

Space assets can be a key part of new innovative solutions which solve business challenges in a different way. They could save money, improve reliability or open up new avenues of business.

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European Space Capability

The space industry is not constrained by national boundaries and neither are we. We are present in 40 countries around the globe and can bring our experts from these nine centres of excellence to you!

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Getting the most out of Space

Software is the key to unlocking the full potential of space – for the economy, society, defence, science and even for personal entertainment.

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Satellite Communications

CGI provide innovative, secure, cost-effective, mission-critical solutions for the satellite communication industry.

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Space Earth Observation

The EO (Earth Observation) world is complex. Satellite data is used by different people for many purposes. As well as helping us monitor our planet’s environment and weather systems.

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Space Satellite Navigation

CGI have delivered operational systems that incorporate satnav elements to clients in many sectors. For instance, taxi and bus fleet management, UK air traffic control (in conjunction with the UK’s first Microwave Landing System) and wide area digital networks for many applications.

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Space Security

Our space security team is one of the largest of its kind in the world with extensive experience from both commercial and military sectors and in all areas of the security lifecycle. 

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The CGI Space Story

Today, CGI’s space business is based across nine different countries and with operations in 42 countries in total. We can provide the right people at the right place at the right time to deliver technology for space programmes efficiently and effectively.

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